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A Comprehensive List of First-Apartment Kitchen Essentials

A Comprehensive List of First-Apartment Kitchen Essentials

Getting your first apartment is a huge milestone. If youre overwhelmed with where to start in the kitchen, youve come to the right place. Weve rounded up a must-have list of first-apartment kitchen essentials.
From storage to utensils, this list has everything you need to set up a basic kitchen. Whether youre just learning how to boil water or youve been cooking for years, this list of apartment kitchen essentials is a great base for any first-time renter. Lets jump in and get your apartment kitchen stocked with everything you need.

Dishware Sets

For one or two people in an apartment, a basic dishware set is often sufficient. This will include a set of dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls. They come in sets of four all the way up to 12. While larger sets take up more cabinet space, you’ll have more to fall back on if you skip dishwashing.

Platters and Bowls

A couple of platters and large bowls are great for meal prep and entertaining. It’s always good to have a couple of larger bowls of varying sizes on hand. You can use them for mixing, stirring ingredients, meal prep, and more.

Large platters are also handy for having guests over or prepping a lot of food for the week, for example. A set of platters will typically include a small, medium, and large platter.

a shelf full of plates and bowls

Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Typically, you’ll find sets of two that make basic ice. There are also fun molds that make specialty sphere ice for drinks and small circles or cubes.

Oven Mitts and Potholders

Whether you make homemade cakes or frozen pizza, oven mitts are a key kitchen item. You’ll need these to grab hot items from the oven. Potholders are also great for grabbing hot pot handles off the stove.

You can also use potholders to put under hot pots and pans on the counter or table. These can protect your surfaces from heat.

Drying Rack

A drying rack is great to have for things you hand wash. Everyday items can get washed quickly and set out on the counter to dry. While there are larger sizes, there are also silicone or cloth versions that roll up when they aren’t in use.

Pots and Pans

The number of pots and pans you’ll need is unique to your cooking level. Avid cookers will want multiple pots in different sizes for cooking sauces and large batches of pasta. Every day chefs can use one or two different sizes for basic cooking and meal prep.

The same goes for pans and baking sheets. There are several different sizes of pans and baking sheets depending on what you cook and how often. Start with a basic set for your first apartment and expand from there as your cooking level and skills expand.

a basket filled with green and white plates

Storage Apartment Kitchen Essentials

When you’re first starting out in a new apartment, kitchen storage is essential. From leftovers to cooking ingredients, you can never have enough storage containers. Glass containers are great for clean eating, re-heating, and keeping food fresh.

You can also use containers to bring your lunch to work, keep snacks on hand, or organize your pantry shelves. Start with a basic set that will typically contain large, medium, and small containers in one set.

Silverware and Cutlery

Basic silverware is always a must for any kitchen. Typically, a set will contain enough silverware for 12 people to have a full set, including a fork, knife, and spoon. Many also come with drawer organizers so that you can keep everything together in a silverware drawer.

In addition to your silverware, you’ll also want a knife set. These come as a set, including a countertop container, to keep them all organized safely. In the set, you’ll want steak knives, bread knives, and everyday fruit or vegetable pairing knives.

Cups and Mugs

Cups and mugs also come in a variety of sizes and options. As a starter set, you’ll want a few of varying sizes for entertaining and everyday use. You can buy each size in sets or individually to suit your needs and style.

Cooking Tool Sets and Kitchen Utensils

Cooking tools are key for any kitchen. No matter how much or how little you cook, you’ll need a cooking utensil set. These sets come in a wide variety of different options. You can get a basic set which will include a spatula, turners, spoons, and silicone spatulas.

Larger sets may also include multiple sizes of each utensil. There are also pizza cutters, whisks, wooden spoons, and different ladles for soups and pasta.

a collection of coffee cups hanging on a wall

Bar Accessories

If you like to entertain, bar utensils are a fun item to have. Bar sets include cocktail shakers, drink stirrers, and metal toothpicks for garnishes. These are also cute accessories for a bar cabinet or cart.

Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors are an unsung hero of the kitchen. You can use them for anything from trimming flowers to cutting pizza. Easily cut veggies, stems, and more without needing a knife and cutting board.

Measuring Utensils

Even if you aren’t a baker, a set of measuring cups and spoons is great to have on hand. A basic set will contain measuring cups for dry ingredients such as flour and sugar. You’ll also have a measuring cup with a handle for liquid ingredients such as milk, water, and oil.

Everyday cooking, such as rice, will also use measuring cups to help you measure water, and rice, for example. Measuring spoons also come in a set, and these are used to measure tablespoons and teaspoons.

a piece of paper with a pen on it next to a succulent and a measuring spoon

Start Shopping for First Apartment Kitchen Essentials Today

If you’re looking to set up all your first apartment kitchen essentials, this list has you covered. From pots and pans to utensils, a few apartment kitchen essentials and basics can help you with everything from everyday cooking to hosting friends.

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